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Digital Discoveries of World War I

by Slobodan Mandić

The Historical Archives of Belgrade present a unique Online Digital Thematic Guide of the First World War. A vast digitization project that comprises all sorts of documents – from telegrams, to diaries and photographs.

imag_01In the year 2013 a team of archivists from the Historical Archives of Belgrade created the concept and started the realization of a thematic guide through archival material concerning the First World War. The first intention to produce a thematic guide, a scientific finding aid, grew soon into the idea to publish all results from this research in an online digital form, as a thorough and searchable analytic inventory of archival fonds and collections, together with digital copies of a certain number of documents. Lateron, this idea was converted into a separate project, approved and financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. Digital Discoveries of World War I weiterlesen