Schlagwort-Archive: Seichterová

Town Olomouc Archive – Catalogue of Seals

by Karel Müller, Jan Štěpán and Hana Seichterová

PhDr. Vladimír Spáčil made available the unique collection of charters of fond Town Olomouc Archive, deposited in the State District Archive in Olomouc, in the form of abstract catalog. PhDr. Vladimír Spáčil intended to make the edition of seals, but the idea has just recently come to realization. The catalog of seals has gradually been created thanks to initiative of PhDr. Karl Müller, the director of the Regional Archives in Opava. A total of 2,528 seals will be divided into thematic groups, e.g. Rulers and Ruling Princes, Nobility, Towns, etc. The dividing of the seals will make the orientation in sigillographic material easier. There were demonstrated examples of individual groups and example of the abstract, which accompanies every seal, at the workshop. The researcher gains the basic information about the seal, the frequency and the picture of the seal, which is indispensable. Photographs will be available on the website of archive.

Hana Seichterová

Hana Seichterová. © Hana Seichterová

Hana Seichterová was born in Šternberk in 1984. After graduation in Archive Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the Masaryk University in 2010, she started to work as an archivist in Olomouc in local branch of the Regional Archive in Opava. She works here till now.

Her work and publications are focused on the office of Moravian Vice-chamberlain in 16th century and sigillography.