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Descriptions of medieval seals and their use in the development of medieval sphragistic editions

by Miroslav Glejtek, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre

To be able to understand the seal as a historical phenomenon and an important part of medieval society it must examined from different angles. Not much attention is paid to the period descriptions of the seals. The presented paper tries to introduce some basic types of seal descriptions mentioned in written sources of the Hungarian kingdom. The first group consists of descriptions found in corroborative and confirmatory formulas that are part of the documents. Another group represents descriptions in the literature sources originating from legal impulses. They are royal privileges, statutes of religious organizations, the royal laws, regulations, etc. These descriptions are of a particular importance in cases when the original seals were not preserved and thus must be reconstructed from written sources. The ambition of the paper is to present these written sources as an interesting element in the development of modern editions of seals.