Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice on Monasterium

by Žarko Vujošević

King Stefan Uroš II Milutin confirms to the monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Ratac the grant of six villages donated by his mother, Queen Jelena. Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice 1306-03-15_cca_Milutin, in:, URL, accessed at 2016-02-15+01:00.


From the 13th to the 15th century the Serbian Nemanjid dynasty and its successor states (the Serbian Despotate and the Balšić and Crnojević regional lordships) maintained a strong presence on the southeastern Adriatic seaboard, establishing close political and economic contacts with the leading maritime power of the period – the Republic of Venice. As a result, the vast medieval documentary heritage preserved in the State Archives of Venice also includes 25 documents issued by Serbian authors from the year 1208 to 1460, which are presented in this collection through archival and diplomatic descriptions as well as images acquired from the owning institution. Serbian Medieval Documents in the State Archives of Venice on Monasterium weiterlesen

Promoting cross-border co-operation between archives and the general public

co:op community as opportunity: the creative archives´ and users´ network
by Mag.a Kerstin Muff

Breaking new ground together

co:op is the youngest child of the ICARUS family: Together, 17 institutions from 12 European countries successfully launched this project to strengthen and promote the co-operation between archives and other institutions preserving our common cultural heritage and to encourage involving the general public. The kick-off meeting in Prague between 27 and 29 April 2015 marked the start of the project activities.

Břevnov Archabbey in Prague (CZ)
Břevnov Archabbey in Prague (CZ). © ICARUS

Promoting cross-border co-operation between archives and the general public weiterlesen

Kerstin Muff


Kerstin Muff-Luiza_Puiu
Kerstin Muff © Luiza Puiu

Kerstin Muff was born in the Dominican Republic in 1983 and studied Theatre, Film and Media at the University of Leipzig and Vienna. Already born a globetrotter, her professional and private motto is: The more diverse the better! She joined the ICARUS team in 2012 and has worked for several EU-funded projects: ENArC – European Network on Archival Cooperation, APEx- Archives Portal Europe network of excellence and is now working as communications and project manager within co:op – community as opportunity. the creative archives’ and users’ network. She furthermore oversees the publication of the ICARUS magazine “insights” as editor-in-chief.

Žarko Vujošević

Žarko Vujošević © ICARUS

Žarko Vujošević was born in Belgrade (Serbia/Yugoslavia) on May 6th 1976.

He studied History at the Philosophical Faculty of the Belgrade University and Theology at the Faculty of Theology of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade. He acquired the studies graduation in 2002 (diploma) and the Magister of History in 2008.

Since 2003 he works as research assistant at the Institute for Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade, since 2013 he is member of two projects of the Institute for Balkan Studies as external associate.
He is the project coordinator of the international project „Community as Opportunity. The creative archives’ and users’ network” (CO:OP), supported by the EU programme Creative Europe (duration 2014–18) and also member of Managing Boards of International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS, Vienna) and Centre for Advanced Medieval Studies (CAMS, Belgrade).
Since 2013 he also works as teaching assistant at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Chair in history in the early middle ages and auxiliary historical sciences.

His main fields of interest are auxiliary historical sciences, especially diplomatics, religious and cultural heritage of the medieval Balkans, project management and international cooperation.