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Report on File Formats for Hand-written Text Recognition (HTR) Material

by Sami Nousiainen, M.Sc.(Tech.)

The National Archives of Finland has carried out format study within our co:op project with the primary purpose of reviewing and analyzing the available file formats for the storage of automatically recognized text or manually input text (transcription). The automatic recognition can be either OCR-based (i.e. recognition of printed text) or HTR-based (i.e. recognition of hand-written text). Report on File Formats for Hand-written Text Recognition (HTR) Material weiterlesen

Sami Nousiainen

Sami Nousiainen , M.Sc.(Tech.). © Sami Nousiainen

Sami Nousiainen, M.Sc.(Tech.), has graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology, from the Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, majoring in Information Science and minoring in Applied Mathematics.

He has worked in research and development for about 15 years carrying out projects related to e.g. telecommunications, mobile services, software development, environmental monitoring and data analysis in projects funded by e.g. EU, national public sector and companies. He has some publications in e.g. conferences and journals.