Jitka Křečková

Jitka Křečková. © Jitka Křečková

Mgr. Jitka Křečková is an archivist at the National Archives in Prague.  She studied Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archives Studies – History at the Charles University of Prague. She is the head of the department of Self-Government, Government until 1848 and Church Institutions in the National Archives.

Between 1992 – 1994 she took part in the international project „Soziale Strukturen in Böhmen vom 16. zum 19. Jh.“ and since 1998 she has been participating in the project of a nation-wide catalogue of seals, seal matrices and casts in the Czech Republic.

In 2005 she joinedn the project Monasterium. The main topics of her current research are related to the church history and auxiliary historical sciences (Sigillography).

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