Reko Etelävuori

Reko Etelävuori. © Reko Etelävuori
Reko Etelävuori. © Reko Etelävuori

Reko Etelävuori, Senior Research Officer – digitization, has been studying Graphic techniques in Helsinki City College and information management in University of Turku.

He has worked in National Archives of Finland in different roles for almost 15 years. In years 2009 and 2010 he acted as a Project Manager for two large scale digitizing projects where almost 10 million documents was scanned.

He has been working a long time with digital images, scanners and cameras, digital workflows and processes, digital preservation, presenting digital images and data storages. He spent the winter 2015 in warm Australia, as he was visiting the National Archives of Australia.

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