Antonella Ambrosio

Antonella Ambrosio. ©Angelo Odore
Antonella Ambrosio. ©Angelo Odore

Antonella Ambrosio teaches Paleography and Diplomatics for Bachelor and Master degree courses in History in the University of Naples Federico II, from 2008 with digital technologies. She has twenty years of work and research experience on the historical charters keeping in archives, she has published books  and various  papers on the topic, with digital approach too (

She is actually project manager for the Department of Humanities of UNINA, of the project Co:op  – community as opportunity. the creative archives’ and users’  network (EU, Creative Europe 2014-2020) At the moment she is coordinator for Italy of Monasterium. Net and vice-president of ICARUS where coordinates the Icarus didactics group (


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