MOMathon: Citizen Science at

by Stephan Makowski

PosterTitelENOn June 14th. 2016 the second official MOMathon was held by the The goal of the event was to fulfill small tasks with volunteers to enrich the database with metadata. In contrast to the first event, which was held as an offline event at the ICAR-US Meeting in St. Pölten (AUT), the 2nd. MOMathon was an online-event. So anyone was able to participate after a short registration on the MOMathon-Webpage.

One of the tasks was to enter or to correct dates from a given Google-OCR. This task was especially for all user which wanted to do the first steps into a Citizen Science-Project, because it was not necessary to have any paleographical skills. The more experienced user had the possibility to use the entire functionality of describing a charter in appropriate diplomatically way. So the event became attractive for a bigger audience.

In total the event was a success. The users had edited around 100 charters in a timespan from 8AM until 10PM. Additionally was able to acquire new user to the platform. This assures us to go forward doing such an event more regulary.

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