Eva Lang

Eva Lang
Eva Lang © Archiv des Bistums Passau

Eva Maria Lang, Dipl.-Inf., works as IT project engineer at the Passau Diocesan Archives. She coordinates the electronic assessment and automatic transcription of the hand-written sacramental registers within the READ project.

She holds a Computer Science degree (Universität Passau). Her professional expertise include software & system engineering, project management, research and technical consulting. She successfully completed many projects in textile, automotive and automation industries working hand in hand with industrial partners, research institutions and OEMs. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization.

While having chosen a primarily technical career path, Eva has been a licensed tour guide in the historic three-rivers city of Passau for more than 15 years. She enjoys introducing visitors and guests to the traditions and sights of her home town.

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