Birgit Kibal

Birgit Kibal

Birgit Kibal has been working at the National Archives of Estonia for 16 years. She started as an archivist, then she was the head of user service, and currently holds the position of an adviser of the national archivist. She likes the archival theory and practice as well as the everlasting touch of written heritage in the archives.

NA of Estonia_logoThe National Archives of Estonia is the centre of archival administration in Estonia. The National Archives collects and preserves records documenting history, culture, nationhood, and social conditions in Estonia.
The archives hold 8.8 million items, the oldest of which dates from 1240. In our virtual reading room one has free access to over 15 millions of digital images online and in 2015 already 99% of archival visits were online.
In the project CO:OP our activities include creating topotheques, organizing “Adventures in archives” and contributing to the blog.

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