Christian Sieber: Transcription – Swiss Made. The projects of the State Archives of Zurich

Christian Sieber (State Archives of Zurich, CH)

Christian Sieber is head of the division for Edition Projects at the State Archives of Canton of Zurich and head of the project of the Electronic Publication of Law Sources of the Canton of Zurich before 1798 (since 2010). Studies in general history, auxiliary science of history and constitutional law at the university of Zurich, master’s thesis on late medieval Swiss history. 1990-2010 research assistant in different editing projects (chronicle of Aegidius Tschudi, 16th c. / charters of the Zurich State Archives, 15th c. / monastery chronicle Acta Murensia, 12th c.). Publications on late medieval Swiss history and historiography in the Middle Ages and in Humanism.


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