The care and management of Sport archives

by Deborah Jenkins,  Chair of the European Region, International Council on Archives

Although sport is one of the great binding human preoccupations around the world, the care and management of Sport archives has not been given a prominent place in archival debate. From country to country, from sport to sport, different provision has been made for the documentation generated by sporting associations and clubs. When London was chosen for the Olympic games of 2012, London Metropolitan Archives undertook research on what had happened to the papers of the Mexico, Barcelona, Sydney and many other games – the findings of the research was that a patchwork of different approaches currently existed.

It is good news, therefore, to hear that the Sports Section of the International Council on Archives is now trying to assess past practice and make recommendations for future activity in relation to sport archives. Two specific initiatives are being taken.

The first one is to run the first of an international seminar on Sport Archives, to be run on 9th October 2018 in Girona, organised by ICA/SPO and Girona City Council. The event is aimed at sportsmen and sportswomen, clubs, organisations, sports federations, historians, journalists, researchers, doctors, physiotherapists, archivists, companies and universities (staff and students) managing documents linked to health, sport, history and sociology. The programme is wide ranging and registration, from 3rd September to 4th October, is free:



 The second initiative is the creation of a world wide directory of Sport Archives. ICA/SPO is now seriously considering this, in co-operation with other ICA bodies. This would enable both professionals and researchers to find sport archives deposited around the world much more easily. Watch this space for further news about the outcome of the Girona discussions.

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