EGSAH-ICA Survey on displaced archives

by  Vlatka Lemić

The Expert Group on Shared Archival Heritage was established in September 2016 with goal to discus and research issues related to archives pertaining to the history and cultural heritage of more than one community, country or region where the custody, ownership and access is unclear or in dispute.

The work of EGSAH includes the creation of tools and resources to assist ICA members in identifying and acknowledging records of shared archival heritage, the provision of guidance on developing and models of agreements and systems to allow access by all stakeholders in such archives and the establishment of codes and standards of professional conduct to protect themselves and ensure that the archives are appropriately managed.

For the purpose of better understanding and research of shared archives questions, EGSAH started cooperation with LUCAS (Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies) on making an international survey on displaced archives. Collected data will enable the Expert Group to form a picture of the current extent of this issue on global level, highlight key issues and define future priorities in this field. The Survey is launched through ICA August 2018 Newsletter and on ICA web pages and all ICA’s Category A members (National or Federal Archives institutions) are invited to answer it until 9 December 2018.

See the survey:

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