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Born in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in 1958, Peer Boselie studied as an archivist (Den Haag 1979). Also studied theology and church-history (Heerlen/Nijmegen 1996). He worked as an archivist in Eindhoven, Maastricht and Sittard. Since 1999 he is director of the Sittard-Geleen and regional archives, from 2010 to 2015 also director of the Euregional Historic Centre (now Archief De Domijnen). 

He is very active in the (eu)regional historical world and publishes mainly on subjects relating to euregional history, church-history and historical recipes. He always tries to find new ways to let the public discover history. For this, archival information needs context, analog or digital. Digitization of (part of) the archival records can be very helpfull in these matters, but Peer also finds ‘storytelling’ and the build ánd unbuilt (green) environment of major importance for contextualization. He is initiator and chairman of several foundations in this field, like, but also, that focusses on the history of recipies.

Peer Boselie is also a member of the executive board of ICAR-us (International centre for Archival Research) and a member of the Steering committee of SMLT (section municipal, local and territorial archives) of ICA (International Council on Archives)

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