MOM-Tool-Summer-School, 12-14 June 2017 in Cologne (DE)

Within the EU-funded project „co:op – community as opportunity“ the Cologne Center for eHumanities will organize a MOM-Tool-Summer-School from 12-14 June 2017 in Cologne (DE).

At this event you will be able to learn about the applicabilities of the Monasterium portal – from basic introductions to state-of-the-art newly implemented features. In just three days you´ll get to learn all you need and wish to know about the Monasterium portal.

The programme includes amongst other things

  • Introduction to
  • Edit in EditMOM 3
  • Local MOMathon

Take a look at the complete programme!

 Sounds like plenty of opportunities to get involved?

Then please contact our colleague Stephan Makowski to register:

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